Monday, November 8, 2010

Tribute to Mondo!

Does anyone watch Project Runway? This outfit is a tribute to Mondo from Season 8!

This is the jacket that matches the skirt in my "I'm wearing Purple" post!

Mondo was known on Project Runway for his bold pattern mixing. My interpretation of this was to wear an ambiguous animal-print cardigan and a houndstooth print skirt!

Mondo also uses a lot of bright colours in his designs -- I chose this bright purple coat, and wore a lime green plaid tank top underneath the cardigan!

Goodness, I was having a weird hair day with this one! Half of my hair blow-dried straight, and the other half did its normal wavy thing. Blahh. I think the outfit makes up for it though! Hahah.

I wore my black over-the-knee socks and my little black suede Beatles boots, to keep with the updated 1960s vibe of the outfit!

This is obviously an example of extreme pattern mixing, but it works! The reason it works is because the patterns are relatively the same size. The average size of the animal-print splotches on the cardigan are roughly the same size as one square of the houndstooth.

This coat is so wonderful! It has an awesome weight, and the bracelet-length sleeves BEG to have long-sleeved sweaters worn in them!! The pockets are so neat too, the flap is not where the pockets are, but rather the vertical slits!

The coat was a gift from my boss - it was originally destined for the shop, but when I tried it on she told me it was mine!! Sooo happy. Thank you Tammy!!!

This is one of my favourite outfits ever. I know I say that often, but this one... mmm. Everything about it!! LOVE!!!

Hope everyone is adjusting well to the time change! I'm off to read and do a weekly writing (maybe).

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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