Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots are one of my favourite patterns! ...I suppose that's not really saying much, as I love almost every pattern. Anyway. Polka dots are definitely one of the cutest!

 I adore this strapless polka-dot dress (a lucky Frenchy's find), and love that it can be fall/winter-ified with a high-necked shirt or sweater! When this red sweater came into Hazel's, I knew it would be perfect.

 This oufit is kind of a favourable mish-mash of things that I like! Polka dots, obviously, and a flattering red colour, but also leather and purple and turquoise! And riding boots!

My mama picked up this awesome turquoise suede hat for me recently, after I brought a bunch of vintage hats home from Value Village. I was so excited when I thought to pair it with this outfit! And even moreso when I decided to wear my turquoise skinny belt as well.

I actually had a really hard time decided what "legwear" to pair with this outfit. These mauve leggings seemed the most didn't match the "fun" vibe of the outfit, and grey would clash with the silver jacket!

Shoes for this one were also a difficult choice! These black riding boots always give me confidence, because they make a satisfying stompclomp noise when I walk. Anything slouchy wouldn't work either, because of the volume of the hat, I think. The riding boots kept the look streamlined, in accordance with the swing of the jacket and the a-line skirt!

I didn't wear any jewelery with this outfit. I tried on a few things, but none seemed quite right... they made it "too much." It's all about editing!

Just got home from Halifax, with an upcoming surprise! Waiting for the right time to reveal it :P

Off to do some readings!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. Lovely outfit :) Love the way the hat, belt and tights work together and such a cute dress of course! :)


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