Thursday, November 18, 2010

'60s, Twiggy Set the Pace

Way back then she had the face! Oh, I love the Spice Girls :)

I was sort of channeling the late '60s with this outfit! Mostly I just wanted to wear this craaaazy vintage vest that my boss found! She has an awesome eye for vintage finds. She's the one that found my purple skirt suit as well!

The pattern on the vest is SO COOL. Lately I haven't much been into hippy/ethnic-y patterns, but this one screamed to me!! And I love the length!

I knew right away that I would wear this vest with my short black sweater-dress, also a Tammy-find! It was one of my earliest purchases from the shop I manage :D I thought the ruffles around the neckline might give the look a kind of Austin Powers feel!

You can barely see the ruffles in this picture!!! Darn. Oh well, they're there, take my word for it ;D
I wore my pearl-and-jet cameo to bring the outfit back to "me." Crazy boho prints aren't my usual choice, but this vest was way too awesome to pass up!

To keep the vest a marvy surprise, I wore my camel duffel coat over it! I also chose my blue pashmina. What a blue, right?! I love brown and blue as a colour combination, and this scarf really pops against the neutral palette of the rest of the outfit!

Yaaay you can sort of see the ruffles in this picture! 

It was a sunny day in my neck of the woods (for once), so I wore my big blue plastic shades! It was also quite chilly, so the hat was mostly practical. I almost wore a beret, but decided to switch it up! I think the sloppy toque nestles this look nicely into the '10s ;)

I wore these flowered tights because the size of the pattern is similar to the size of the pattern on the vest! And to add FLOWER POWER, of course! Hahaha. Sorry, I had to.
Peekaboo Billy's shoe!

 This picture was sort of a blooper, but I like it! I like everything today though, because the end of my school semester is in tangible sight!! I did a presentation today, and it went really well (I think), and now I only have essays left!! And no final exams! YES! And I chose a topic for the first of my final papers, as well as finding a primary source. HA. Look who is on the ball! (Sort of)
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Happy dressing :D
Mitzi xo

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