Wednesday, February 16, 2011

O is for Opal

The "colour" for today is very subtle, mostly because I woke up too early this morning to put in the proper search for my orange sweater! It wasn't where I thought it was (even after cleaning my room...hmm), and I already had my camo pants on, so snap-up button-down it was! The buttons are opalescent ;)

I threw on my new, ah, "opal"-and-black snakeskin belt to nip in the waist of the shirt :) And my...opal-coloured... beret! 

I don't know why I testmother nature, but I decided to wear my navy faux-leather jacket as outerwear. Not just for pictures, but all day. Ohmygoodness it was so cold!! Not as cold as yesterday, only (only!) -6C with a windchill of -13C. I also wore my black pashmina which came in handy as a shawl at work :P

I had my second sewing lesson today! I made a makeup bag with a zipper :D I should have taken a photo of it, it's awesome. I got to choose my own fabric and zipper! I chose a brown/beige/turquoise striped fabric and a bright yellow zipper. My sewing teacher was unsure of the combination, but I love it! I'll take a picture of it soon.

I wore my trusty black heeled booties too! I love them so much. I'm knd of woried that I'm going to wear them to death too quickly. I suppose if that happens then I can get new shoes? Muahaha!! I've been a shoe fiend lately, and I still have one new pair that you haven't seen!! Soon. Maybe at the same time as the makeup bag, haha!

Today is nuts, I found out that I need travel insurance so I ran around seeing if I could get that through the university. I could. I got all stressed and it was so easy! Ah well. Good thing I used up all my stress on that, because I have two midterms tomorrow that I should be studying for. Also, when I got to work today, I was counting my till and somehow managed to dump the ENTIRE change drawer on the floor. Money everywhere!! But I managed to pick it all up, and then my boss and her precious son came and he and I played hide and seek :)

I can't believe I'm going to New York City in two days!! It's hard to think about midterms when I am so excited. I just want to pack :D and do laundry (whaaat?). And... not study! And eat doughnuts. (Random...)

One of my midterms is online, so at least I don't actually have to go to class for 10 a.m. And I have til 4 p.m. to do it! Yesss. I'm going to do it at 1 p.m., right after my 11:30 midterm. I'm not very worried, as they're both essay-based. Meh!

Yay, it's Wednesday! The week is half over :) Do you have any weekend plans you're looking forward to?
And thanks to Mya for the colour suggestions! I had an idea for R, but I like "Relish!" We shall see ;)

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Those pants are awesome! I hope you have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Love the pants, and the combo of beret + aviators. Very cool.

  3. you always look SO cool and fierce! :D the simple shirt with those army pants is an awesome combination, and I love how you look stellar in both feminine or more rugged, fierce looks :D

  4. You look awesome in these hats you've been wearing lately. Love. Plus I second Annebeth. You pose like a champ.

  5. what a cute combo! the pants are really nice and you look lovely with a hat on! ;-)


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