Thursday, February 17, 2011

P is for Pumpkin

I found my orange -- er, pumpkin!! -- sweater! Yaaaay. I decided to wear it with this twirly sweater-y pleated skirt because I wanted to wear it in New York, but then I realized it was bulky and heavy. Booo. Good thing it looks awesome with this sweater!

I was going to wear green or brown stockings, but then I wanted to wear my black slouchy hat, so I went with black DIY-ripped (actually accidentally over time, but meh) stockings, black over-the-knee socks, and my little black Beatles boots! I also wore my black patent skinny belt, because the sweater is a funny square shape when left to its own devices ;)

I wore my camel coat as well, but I ended up carrying it most of the day! It was an UNHEARD OF +4C today. Nooo way!

Because of the warmth, there were puddles and little rivers everywhere! This town is going to be flood city when the snow all melts. There are constantly trucks driving around filled with snow, and yet there is four feet of snow on the ground in any given place that's not road or sidewalk!

My favourite thing about this sweater is the neckline!! It's so scoopy and lovely, and it's the same shape in the back! Hooray. And the print (is knitted print called "print"?) is so gorgeous too :)

So, still working on packing. Eep! We leave for the airport at 4 a.m. I'm trying to figure out looks that can be mixed and matched for all the activities we're doing! The "main" outfits I've planned will be the alphabet ones, but I may take photos of the remixed ones for events like the Broadway show we're going to (La Cage aux Folles)!!


Funfunfun!! Ahhh. I should really go pack, but I'm all squirmy and excited! I can't even think of things to write here :D

I haven't decided if I'm going to bring my laptop with me or not, so if I'm absent for about four days, that's why!! Of course I'm bringing my camera though :)

According to The Weather Network, it's going to be warm in New York City! I'll probably be able to get away with just bringing a leather jacket :O Hopefully I'll be too tired in the morning to notice how &*^%&^& cold it still is here! Even though it was "warm" earlier today, it was cold again by the time I left work at 6 p.m., haha.

Well, I'm off to pack! I hope everyone has a great weekend, if I'm not on here before then!

Happy dressing :D:D
Mitzi xo


  1. Have fun!!! Oh I'm so excited for the warmth this weekend, I'm totally going hiking! And oh my it's was amazing seeing all the snow gone when I woke up today! Yay! Let's cross our fingers it stays like this. And that skirt does look perfect with that sweater@

    Sparrow & Urchin

  2. Awesome pleats - Love it!

    Have a great time :)

  3. I looove this sweater, its so pretty! The colours are ammmazing. Love the skirt too. Have an amazing time in New York!! I am very very very jealous :)

  4. the colors are amazing together, and I love that belt :) very cute!

  5. I really really really hope you get my message :) (that they didn't threw it out just yet) I LOVE that sweater with the skirt, you are going to rock NY :) but I do think it will be quite cold after all...

  6. I love that someone got my Conchords reference!!

    These photos are so cool. You're outfit is just glowing!

  7. such an adorable cozy and lady-like with a twist.
    ur blog is so cool.



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