Monday, February 28, 2011

X is for Xylophone

Has anyone else ever tried to come up with a colour for X? Let me tell you. It is NOT easy! So, I decided to draw inspiration from the colours of something that starts with the letter X! Xylophones. Does anyone remember being made to play them in elementary school music class? I kind of liked it, especially "rotating" who played which xylophone.

For the silvery xylophones, I wore my animal-printed grey sweaterdress, to represent the dull unshiny ones. For the pretty new silver ones, I wore my studded platform heels!

I wore this brown-toned zebra scarf to represent the wooden xylophones! I liked them better, they had a less ringy sound. It also has silvery threads in it, to represent the awesomeness that is wooden xylophones!

My sister was getting rid of this motorcycle-jacket sweater (it's made of sweatshirt-material), and I snapped it up! It's right up my alley: puffed sleeves, rocker-chic but still feminine!

I wore the sweater and these black satin pants because I like the way they contrasted with the grays in the sweaterdress and shoes! I rolled the pants up because I am currently obsessed with ankle cleavage, even though it is not at all conducive to the crap constantly-cold-and-snowing weather. Today's forecasted ice pellets would have at least been something different, but they were actually just snow!!

Oh well. At least the snow makes for pretty pictures!

Hope everyone had a good Monday! The back-to-school after Reading week adjustment wasn't as hard as I though, but I have an absolute TON of stuff to do. But I'm done the Alphabet Colour Challenge! I still have two outfits to post, but today I'm wearing letter Z! Hooooray!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. aren't your feet freezing??? :D gosh girl don't lose a toe over fierce shoes! I have to admit, they are really really fierce, haha

  2. Haha I cheated, I only wore them for the pictures ;)

  3. I really like the pattern on the shirt and the sweatshirt-jacket is great! You have such a tiny waist. I think we have very similar body types!

  4. LOVE the little animal print peeking out here! You could so totally rock the 30 for 30--you are already a remixing queen!

  5. great the gold specks in it!


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