Sunday, February 27, 2011

V is for Viridian

The letter V. "Viridian" scarf. Can it be "Y" now? I love the Y outfit, haha!

Can you see the scarf? It's there, I promise. There are some Viridian-ish bits in the skirt pattern, and the tights are a dark-ish green too!

I challenged myself to wear this blouse -- I've had it for months, but have never worn it! I paired it with this printed skirt because the shapes in the print are similar to the flowery bits in the lace!

I also wore my little brown booties and my camel coat. And my gray leather gloves!

Sorry for the brief post! I didn't get a chance to do pictures of this one earlier in the day, so only a few shots turned out. I'm also suffering challenge-burnout, as many of the lovely ladies doing the 30X30 challenge are! I can't wait to be done this one, because even though it allows for creativity and the point of it for me was to keep me being creative in the dark and dour month of February, I don't feel like being this creative anymore! Hence the "coloured" item in this outfit being the scarf. Haha. Almost done though, I'm way behind, so I only have "Z" to go!

Back to school tomorrow. V is for vile.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Your skirt and top are so beautiful together! Both patterns are just gorgeous :)
    Way to go - I can't belive you went through the whole alphabet already! Well, nearly... I wonder what Z is for :D

  2. Love the second picture! The pose is super nonchalant and sexy. I might have to borrow it. :D

    Always, Lakin

  3. that sweater is beautiful I love the antique feel of it.
    those booties are adorable as well!


  4. This outfit is so lovely! It all fits perfectly and in the most flattering way. The cradigan is gorgeous and so is your hair!


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