Friday, February 25, 2011

S is for Steel Blue

Quick post, I have to go to work!

These were taken in one of the gardens at the Cloisters, a really neat medieval museum made up mostly of "cloisters" disassembled in Europe and reassembled in Brooklyn! There were also tons of statues and tapestries and stuff ;)

It was colder here than I look! We had checked our coats, so we only stayed outside for about five minutes. It was semi-bearable, not as cold as the day before!

It was so nice that Billy and I were both able to go on the trip!

I wore this steel-blue top with ruched sleeves, and my black leather skirt again. I was going to wear a different skirt, one with black burnout velvet, but it rode up too high to be appropriate as soon as a started walking! Hopefully a slip will correct that :S

We went shopping in the afternoon at Zara and H&M! I bought a denim snap-button shirt from Zara and a pair of orange-and-blue floral shorts from H&M. The selection was amazing, I wish we'd had time to shop more! Haha.

Happy Friday everyone!

And happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo


  1. These photos are so cool! That leather skirt looks great on's the perfect style and length.

  2. yay, for Zara & H&M! Your trip looks lovely, and so do your pictures; such a great outfit, you look gorgeous. xx veronika


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