Sunday, February 27, 2011

W is for Wine

Three in one day, no way!

Like my new haircut? It was one of my birthday presents! I love the way she worked with the texture to make it something that I'll be able to do in, like, two seconds at home!

So, I went for lots of colours that remind me of wine in this outfit! Most of them are Arbour Mist kinds, haha. Shoutout to my braintwin Amanda! The purple tights are the blackberry Merlot, and the burgundy dress is the mixed berry Pinot Noir! The gold belt is definitely the new white pear Pinot Grigio. We have to get it at our next reunion!! Haha!

I've had this belt since GRADE SIX! Can you believe it? Me neither. That's...eleven years? Holy moly. I had a really terrible middle school experience, so I'm glad that one of the only things from it that I still have is so pretty!

I threw on this pretty silk floral scarf that my sister hand-me-upped the other day. Yay! One of the perks of living at home ;)

I love my little blue suede booties! I can't wait for clement weather, so I can actually wear them places without the salt and ice and icky stuff like that ruining them. Same goes for most of my shoes, the plastic bags that I carry them to school and work in are really cramping my style.

Clearly I wore my navy faux-leather jacket to match the shoes! Haha ;)

I love the dark colours and textures in this outfit! I came up with all kinds of other ideas for this dress when I was wearing it, for more dark, saturated looks. I guess winter can stay 'til I've worn them all!

Somehow, this wrap cardigan makes my leather jackets warm enough for low temperatures! Unfortunately, it doesn't have a butt-warming forcefield. Can't win 'em all! At least the velevet dress is warm, so it wasn't a problem this day ;)

Weather forecast for tomorrow: ice pellets. Mother nature is mocking southeastern-New Brunswickers.

Happy dressing ;)
Mitzi xo


  1. Very cute outfit! I have a few pieces from my elementary days too LOL, some things are meant to be forever!!

  2. I love this outfit. The colors and fabrics are so rich and beautiful. What a great look. You really stand out against the snow!

  3. I really love the colour of the dress, its so deep and gorgeous. I do love the textures and fabric!! I am sooo sick of this cold and snow. It needs to piss off

  4. I am loving your hair, seriously gorgeous! And so is that beautiful velvet dress, you did a fabulous job putting your outfit together. Love it. xx veronika

  5. Dude stop being so hot! Hahaha, I love finding things that you've had forever, and it's funny cause I wear things that were my mom's or grandma's! I guess if it's good, it's good! Love the plum tights, and I wish there was buttwarmers in every outfit! haha!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  6. I love the bordeaux colours in this look, especially the combination of your scarf and dress. And I can't believe you're wearing a belt you've had for eleven years... that's when you know you have a really good accessory! (Not to mention how impressive it is that it still fits :D). I'm following :)

  7. Lovely new hairdo and those boots are to die for :)

  8. Wow, the colours of the dress and tights are beautiful! Very cool outfit!

  9. Nothing better thank merlot velvet! I love this outfit. It has so much going on, but isn't overwhelming. I love all the textures and details.


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