Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I is for Ice

Don't you love the colour of this sweater?! I've been on the hunt for pastels to get ready for spring, and when I found this dream of a sweater... thrilled!! I actually bought most of this outfit at the same time (beret, sweater, skirt), on a shopping trip with my boss! I knew right away it would be the outfit for "I" :D

I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but it was SO COLD today! Leather jacket was a bad choice. But it looked so good ;)

I actually wasn't too cold, thanks to my Thinsulated (?) mitts and United Colors of Benetton wrap cardi! My raisin-coloured tights kept my legs not-frozen too ("warm" would be an overstatement). 

I also tried out a new lipstick today! It's a purple-y lipstick that I've had for a while. My mother-in-love gave me a bunch of Lancome samples a while ago, and this lipstick was one of them! It's really smooth and nice, and I like the way it looks on my skintone. I was too chicken to try it before now! Then last night when I was laying out my outfit, I was trying to pick one of my red lipsticks to go with it, but none was right. Then I remembered this baby! HOORAY!

My black booties gave me some height, and also made the length of the skirt look "right"... I tried it with my flat boots, and it wasn't quite as lovely as I would have liked!

Speaking of lovely! Catie Beatty from Fleur d'Elise is having a giveaway! It includes a gorgeous pair of pink-and-yellow earrings that she made herself (!), a heart-shaped compact mirror (covered in Eiffel Towers...!), and a mascara! So awesome, Catie is the best :D I needed to put tons of exclamation marks to represent the squealing noises that I emitted when I saw the giveaway post!

I accessorized this look with my steel gray scarf and brown grommeted belt! I almost went with a black one, but it was too harsh for the pretty, romantic skirt ;)

Love how the "cables" of the cableknit are the same size as the flowers! Yaaaay :D

Time to go read for class tomorrow... bluhh. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. This look is lovely! The skirt is so...FUN looking!
    I am so sick of Louisiana weather.
    How i long to frolick in the snow!

    Love and Such,

  2. I love your beret and the shoes are gorgeous.

    Thanks for such a great shout-out, lol. No really, I laughed out loud. Thank you, dear :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your lovely snow!

  4. gorgeous feminine look, honey! I love this sort of retro look on you, totally works. And the pictures are lovely :)

  5. ooh, loving that outfit with the leather jacket looks so gorg. I love layers and floral prints, my two faves. Great outfit. Brrr, good for you for braving the cold. xx veronika


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