Monday, February 14, 2011

Every Day the 14th

It's Valentine's Day! I'm taking a break from the Alphabet Colour Challenge, because even though I tried to come up with a corresponding colour for "N," I couldn't! Oh well :)

I love dressing up for Valentine's Day, so I chose this floaty skirt with a romantic floral print! I wore it with a red shirt with puffed sleeves and edged with pink lace :D So romantic, right?!

It was a toasty -1C today, so I was able to wear just this light wool jacket! Very exciting. 

I added this faux-fur and ribbon collar that my boss gave me for fun :) I was trying to find a hat that would work with the outfit, but I just ended throwing my hair into a low bun. It's getting to that crappy in-between length that looks good sometimes, but "chooses" not to work with me the rest of the time!

I also wore this gold-and-green cameo locket. It picks up on the colour of the leaves in the print on the skirt!

I look kind of scary in some of these! Umm I was probably going for sultry ;) Or dangerous... "Dangerously in Love"? Hahaha...

I almost wore red lipstick, but I decided to mix it up with purple! And hey, it kind of matched my tights :)

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Billy and I went out for dinner. I'm not much of a chocolates-and-flowers girl, so it was just perfect! Unfortunately he had to work right afterwards, but we picked up some trifle and doughnuts for when he gets home from work :) Billy is also the inspiration for the title of this post! He plays this OutKast song ("Happy Valentine's Day") all the time, and it really is like every day is Valentine's Day for us :D

Did you do anything sweet for Valentine's Day? 

Happy dressing! And Happy Valentine's Day ♥
M xo 


  1. Gorgeous valentine's day outfit! that dress is a dream, I love how you paired it with the kaki, and I am head over heels with your gorgeous feminine figure! :D

  2. Oh, this is such a gorgeous outfit! Loving the print on your skirt, the purple tights + olive green jacket -such great colour combos. Hope you had a fab V Day dinner! xx veronika

  3. Girl, I love all of your outfits! Stop being so put together! haha!

    Sparrow & Urchin


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