Tuesday, February 15, 2011

N is for Navy

An obvious choice, I know, but navy is such a staple in my wardrobe that it was the perfect choice for "N"! Since I love it so much, I incorporated some of my absolute favourite pieces into this look :D

I chose to wear my navy star-print sweater! I love this sweater, but I don't wear it often because the print is bordering on juvenile, I find. But as I was laying on my couch, contemplating my wardrobe, I thought to myself: hmm, the stars on that sweater are a really similar size to the houndstooth print on that skirt!! It was an exciting moment, as the skirt is another of my favourites!

 Since I was working with favourites, I had to add my navy pashmina, navy geometric booties, and navy moviestar sunglasses! And of course, my black beret ;)

Lookie! Puffed sleeves :D Lovelovelove. And of course, my winter mistress, the camel coat! It was SO cold today that my warmest (and best-looking with black, white, and navy) coat was a necessity. 

Haha I'm glad I was wearing my sunglasses in these photos, so you can't see the pain in my eyes! Usually taking pictures without a coat in the winter is no prob, but these were taken on the way home from school, so I had already been out in the -15C for a good 7 minutes! Brrr. I usually take the pictures straight from indoors so I'm still toasty warm from the woodstove! Here's a marvelous blooper of me experiencing the chill as I struggle to take off the cardigan, against my better judgment: 

Dancing-warmly-in-my-coat picture time, just looking at that ^ picture makes me cold!

Yaaaay. I have even more reason to dance! I'm going to New York City this Friday!! I am so excited. After I finish this post, I have to clean my room and plan outfits!! I have an extra challenge, because whatever I bring has to be SMALL. It has to fit into a small carryon, because we get into the city at 10 a.m. and can't check into our hotel until 3 p.m. Uhh, crap. I'm not good at packing light! I will learn a new skill on this trip :)

Another challenge: deciding what to wear for each colour when I'm gone! I'll be there for Q, R, S, and T. I have fantabulous ideas for Q and S, but am drawing a blank for R and T! And suggestions, much appreciated!

Tomorrow is my second sewing lesson! Yaaay :D I'm excited to see what I'll learn! I can't wait to learn how to use patterns, I've collected some preeeeetty awesome ones that I can't wait to make!

Oooh also, I went to the Salvation Army today to find a bookbag (which I found), and I also got two snakeskin belts (one dark green, one cream and black), a striped scarf, and... vintage tan suede shoes WITH GOLD PUMAS ON THE HEELS. I know.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. your photos have beautiful backdrops :)

  2. Lovely look. I love these two patterns together!


  3. i love how youre so fearless!
    i wish i were able to mix patterns like this, but i'm not quite that brave just yet.
    i'm digging this sweater, honey!
    and i'm dying for those blue booties!

    I spruced up my blog a bit, erm, a lot!
    check it out?


    Love and Birds,

  4. I love that sweater, it looks really good on you, the neckline is lovely. I like the way it looks with the houndstooth skirt! I am very very extremely jealous that youre going to NY, I want to sooo bad.

  5. I hope you have fun in NY too!
    I'm also really fond of this ensemble.
    For your color challenge maybe Raspberry and Turquoise? Or perhaps Relish and Teak?
    Weird how all the 'R's I can think of that aren't red are food. haha!

  6. You smiled! At minus fifteen! Without cardigan insulation! I am in awe :)

    And I love the stars and houndstooth combo. Awesome mix! :)


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