Saturday, February 26, 2011

U is for Ultraviolet

The last letters of the alphabet are difficult! Time to put on a thinking cap... preferably with plumes! 

Isn't it lovely? My friend Vanessa makes these little hats, I have two of them!

I wore this soft ultraviolet-coloured t-shirt with my black vintage crepe pants. Is it just me, or does this outfit have a major Michael Jackson vibe?! 

I pulled off the white socks/ black shoes look, but... I'm not wearing socks! I'm a winter ghost!

I've taken to pretending it's Spring in my photoshoots, because I am SO sick of winter. Enough with the tons of snow and low temperatures!! Look at me, I'm not even wearing socks! Hah! excuse me while I go stand by the woodstove for a while.

♪ You've been hit by *ooh ahh* you've been struck by, a smoooth criminal ♪ danalanalana na-na, da-na-la-na, nah!
My sister would probably correct my "spelling" of this, haha! Would you? Feel free to "sing" your version of this song (or any song) in the comments! Preferably the instrumental bits ;)

I always feel too cool for school (or in this case, cold) when I wear my silver leather jacket!! Since we were doing an 80s look, I threw on my new dark green snakeskin belt :D I love the colour combination of purple and green!

Even the buckle on the belt is kind of snake-like! Neat-o.

Ohhh boy, not ready for school on Monday. I wish there was a "snooze" button on Study breaks! Except instead of ten more minutes, ten more days!

May everyone who needs to have a very productive Sunday!

Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo


  1. I could do with some weekend over time too :)
    Now, where is the one glove to complete the Michael look? ;)

    Your tattoo looks beautiful - can't wait to see more of it when it 's warmer :)


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