Saturday, February 12, 2011

L is for Lake

When I was planning out my preliminary ideas for which colours to wear for which letters in this challenge, I knew I had to wear this deep blue dress (it's definitely not navy) for "L"! It reminds me of the colour of a lake in the middle of summer. I can't wait for actual summer, I have a feeling I'll be wearing this dress a lot!

 This was another lucky Frenchy's find. It's actually waaaay too big, but doesn't look it with a strategically-cinched waistbelt!

I was going to wear a turtleneck under it, but then I saw this striped sweater on my floor. I was intrigued by the way the sleeves might look peeking out from under the blue, so I out it on. When I saw the way the asymmetrical neckline looked under the scoop-neck of the dress, I was sold!! So interesting.

I also love the way the cream stripes emphasize the contrast between the buttons and the dress! I added more stripes with my knee-high socks, worn under my little brown granny booties.

When we were taking these pictures, Billy said I looked like something out of a Tim Burton movie! Awesome. L is for LOVE.

I wore this crazy vintage tam-style hat just for fun! It's made of velvet, net, and wire.

This red belt is actually the very one I used to see if the dress looked good with one at Frenchy's! I bought the dress, this belt, and the navy lion doorknocker belt I wore yesterday at the same time.

Tonight Billy and I are going to a costume party! Two costume parties in one weekend, unheard-of-ly awesome! I'm wearing a lace maxi dress :D:D Excited! 

So, in these photos I'm standing on about four feet of snow! The path through the meadow is about 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep. We tried to take pictures on the path, but the "trench" of pathway wasn't wide enough to accomodate the skirt of my dress! That's why there's snow all over the bottom of my skirt, haha ;)

I was only going to wear this outfit for the photos, but I feel so awesome in it that I'm definitely wearing it for the errands I have to run after I finish this post!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Hello to my new follower as well! :D

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. I love how wide that skirt is! it doesn't look too big, just a bit loose in fit but I quite like that, exudes a comfy, careless summer vibe to me. It will be an amazing summerdress! and I love how you wore it with the stripes, very inspiring and Burtonesque! :D


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