Saturday, February 26, 2011

T is for Teal

I wanna be a part of it! Leaving New York City was so sad, I had such an amazing time there :) The only consolation is how close it is: a 2-hour flight, or a 16-hour drive! Not bad. I want to go every year! Haha. Maybe next year for Fashion Week! This is what I wore the last day we were there :)

This vintage vest has velvet pockets and buttons, and the back is velvet too. It’s my “teal,” as that’s the colour in it that first sttracted me. I love all the colours! My friend Maria went to New York earlier this year (or late last year…?) and said the vest reminded her of the costumes in Wicked! …wicked ;)

I wore this scarf tied in a bow as a tie. I wore it in "Q is for Quince" as a regular tie, just looped once so it hung at the right length!

My reading week is almost! I didn't do as much "reading" as I should have :S The only downside of taking nifty trips during short breaks from school is the awesomeness-withdrawal that happens directly after! Back to real life? Ewww.

Tonight (and I know I say ths every Saturday...heh) I want to clean my room!! I need to weed out some of my clothes, there are getting to be too many, even for me! I came up with some ideas for organizing them when I was at work today, so I hope to start working on that as well.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!
Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo

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