Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Y is for Yellow

Bet you didn't see that one coming!

I made up for the glaringly obvious colour with a little bit (or a lot) of awesome: this red plaid dress! I wore this on Oscar Sunday, so I was totally feeling dressing up a bit :)

I decided to tone the dress downa bit with the yellow tee and leggings, but only a bit! This vintage patent clutch and slingback heels kept it just fancy enough ;)

Can you believe that these are Hush Puppies? Me neither! I got them at a now-closed secondhand boutique in Halifax, called This & That Fashions. Such an awesome place! I found some really great stuff there :)

As for the dress, I got it for Christmas from my friend Matty a couple of years ago. I wore it for New Year's Eve! It definitely doesn't get as much wear as it should. Maybe because it takes about ten minutes to put on! Haha, at least it makes me stand up straight ;)

I cinched the waist with my off-white snakeskin belt. Had to throw in a bit of pattern-mixing!

Today was the first day of non-Alphabet Colour Challenge dressing! Less exciting than I had anticipated. March may have come in like a lamb weather-wise, but boy, did I feel like a lion. Booo! I don't know what's going on with me, but I'm having a tough time readjusting to school. I have a whoooole lot of stuff due really soon, and the pressure, unfortunately, is not affecting me the way it should :/ I've made a little timetable for myself for facebook, Chictopia, and blogs so that I do other things more! It's hard. I'm sooo addicted to the internet, I just sit there and do nothing for hours, clciking back and forth through websites! That needs to stop, and I'm hoping I have the willpower to cool it. But don't worry, I'll still check out all your lovely blogs during my allotted times ;) 

What do you think of my new photo-editing skillz? I did the "black-and-white fade" on these ones. It was fun :)

Oh boy, internet time is almost up! Thanks for the comments, and hello to my new followers! I appreciate every comment and every friend so much, it really keeps my days bright :D

 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. First of all: Thanks for your lovely comments!
    And omg this dress is so gorgeous! Ladylike, elegant, wow!

  2. You have an Eiffel Tower tattoo? Amazing! I'm jealous :) And I love your plaid dress, it fits you so beautifully.

  3. This outfit/color combination is fabulous and I am in love with your dress! I too am addicted to the internet, I feel your pain!

  4. Wow Mitzi! May I say you look absolutely stunning and superchic in this?! Some how I find this très Parisienne chic and it's not only because of your tattoo ;)
    Good luck with your stuff for school and with the internet withdrawal. I can totally relate to that because I'm always trying to balance the time in the ww and the time for real life too ;)

  5. you have SUCH a hot figure!!!!!! seriously SO sexy! and your tattoo is absolutely fabulous, such an awesome accessory! :D

  6. I am LOVING brights right now...you look fabulous!!! (Also...love the french touches...kitten heels and a beret!)



  7. this outfit is so cute and querky! love the tattoo.

  8. your tattoo is a-ma-zing! love it! and i can't believe the amount of snow there! we don't have any snow at all here in Holland!'




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