Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red Hat

This is a fun little outfit, made up of a bunch of my favourites: a hat (red is best!), a striped shirt, leather jacket, and a twirly skirt! Hooray!

Isn't the little peak on my hat so much fun? My mama made this one for me, as a replacement for one I got in grade 9 and had til my second year of university! I used to wear it every single day, but I have no idea what happened to the original. It's fun to break out this one, which actually has more shape and is more vibrant than the first!

I felt very nautical in this outfit! As you may have noticed lately, I'm kind of obsessed with striped shirts. This is my only long-sleeved navy one! I went for a red-and-navy theme with this outfit, adding the nevy tights and red belt to the shirt and hat. I also wore my black oxford heels!

Because there can never be enough navy, I threw on my navy faux-leather jacket too ;)

Tonight I'm going to be in a photoshoot for Inspi{RED}, an AIDS awareness campaign! Myself and two other girls from my department will be posing in white t-shirts and jeans. A challenge! I never ever wear jeans, and rarely white t-shirts. I have some of both though, I'll have to dig them out! We're meeting beforehand to paint our nails red, just for fun :)

In other exciting news, I recently tried out Revlon's new "Just Bitten" lipstain... and I love it. It actually stays on the whole day, and doesn't come off on straws, sandwiches, boyfriends, etc! I actually lost my first tube, and like it enough that I went and bought it again. I'm wearing "gothic" in these pictures!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Striped shirt: thrifted from Hazel's
Knit skirt: hand-me-up from sister
Navy tights: Charlotte Russe
Red leather belt: Esprit, thrifted from Hazel's
Shoes: gift from boss :)
Hat: handmade by mama!
Faux-leather jacket: le chateau

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. you're so right, this is a fun outfit! My favorite is the skirt and all of its twirliness.


  2. I adore this skirt with your striped top!! You look soo fabulous. The red pops are amazing.
    Thats soo cool you get to be in the inspi(RED) campaign! How exciting :)

  3. These photos are lovely!
    You look so french!

  4. I can really see the Parisian influence in your style in these photos :) I just love your red hat- such a unique piece- and I'm stunned by how vibrant the blue of your tights is. So beautiful! Good luck with the white t-shirt and jeans challenge... to be honest, I wouldn't know where to start with something like that, but I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!

  5. nice outfit!

  6. such nice bright colours! i love that skirt paired with that jacket.

  7. that hat is ADORABLE :D you remind me of a cute little gnome! :D great outfit, I love stripes :)

  8. The little peak is the first thing I noticed about your cute hat :D Apart from the awesome red-ness of course ;) Love how you paired it with the red belt - looking lovely!

    Well - I am incredibly late reading this so I hope you had a blast at the photoshoot :)


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