Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's been so long! This was the craziest week ever. Isn't it odd, though, when it seems like everything is stacked against you, it all falls into place and gets done? It never ceases to amaze me!
 This post is dedicated to The Simpsons, because they are awesome. And yellow. And Homer says "y'ello?" when he answers the phone, and it's funny! I'm rocking lots of "Simpson" colour in this one too :P

Clearly, the yellow sweater is the dominant colour in this one, but I had to throw in some other bright, cartoon-y colours! The blue gloves are Marge's hair, and the gray tights are Patti and Selma's ;)

I wore a striped t-shirt under the sweater because it was a bit too booby-licious without it! I wore my silver leather jacket too, because I just love yellow and gray tones together :D

I was going to go for one of my usual black pairs of shoes (p.s., why don't I have gray booties like Lauren at Sparrow and Urchin?!), but then I remembered these suede babies that I picked up a few weeks ago! Tan suede+metal big cats on the heels= awesome. AND they're the colour of the Simpsons' doggie, Santa's Little Helper!

Too awesome, right?! They were just tucked away on the end of the shoe rack at the thrift store, waiting for me :)

This was kind of a "challenge" outfit for me, because I haven't worn this sweater in ages! I used to wear it all the time because it was the only pullover I had, besides an awkward shade of green one. And this skirt is actually a funnier shape in real life than it is in the pictures, so sometimes I avoid it. But then I get compliments on it in real life! I have no idea. I was going to part with it, but couldn't bear to, so here it is in another outfit ;)

Back to The Simpsons! Did you watch it as a child? I sure did, but was shocked to find out that other kids weren't allowed to. I can see why, obviously it's quite violent. But it was always a "family" thing we did at my house. It was on at 5 p.m. on CBC every day, and we'd watch it, and my parents would explain the jokes and kinds of humour to my sister and I. I also remember it being the way that I noticed the change in Daylight Savings Time, because in the summer it was light out when we watched The Simpsons, and in the winter it was dark out when we watched it! 
The show was also, interestingly enough, part of the reason I decided to pursue Religious Studies in my B.A. I took a course called "Religion and Pop Culture" at the university in my town when I was still in high school, and it really influenced my decision to return to my hometown university three years later! In the course, we did a whole unit on The Simpsons. In case you hadn't noticed, most if not all episodes are PACKED with religious themes and imagery! Neat-o.

Next year, as some of you may already know, I'm writing my Honours Thesis in Religious Studies. I'm still developing my topic, but it's going to be to do with iconography, and the parallels in meaning behind religious icons and style icons. WHOA. I know. I'm starting to really research it now, because the prof I TA for asked me to do a presentation on it for the class (Western Religions). Wait... I'm doing a presentation BY CHOICE?! I know, I know. But this one will be fun! And I got some awesome tips from Maya for presentation-giving, so I'm sure I'll be fine ;) Thanks lady!

Happy hump day! (heh heh)

And happy dressing ;)
Mitzi xo

Yellow sweater: le chateau
Striped t-shirt (under sweater): Suzy Shier
Denim sailor skirt: Mavi, hand-me-up from sister
Gray argyle tights: Winners
Tan suede heels: vintage, from Salvation Army
Silver faux-leather jacket: Suzy Shier
Camel scarf: Salvation Army
Blue leather gloves: vintage, from Value Village
Blue plastic sunglasses: Aldo


  1. great post! I like the jumper, and you shoes are so cool!

  2. The cats on the heels! YES.

  3. Love the colors of your outfit. The gloves are gorgeous and so are the shoes. I used to watch Simpsons all the time too, I didn't see anything wrong with it. It's just their sense of humor, people take things too seriously sometimes.


  5. wow, I'm so jealous of those gloves! Such a great colour! And the shoes are too cute. I love the jaguars on the heels, so eclectic ut understated.

  6. Great look! Love the punches of color with the yellow sweater and blue gloves!

  7. I love your post!! I also love yellow + grey together and we also got ot watch the simpsons always, even though it was made for adults...

    love that skirt and want the shoes!! CHIC

  8. These shoes are AMAZING!! I have definite shoe envy right now ;-)

  9. I am digging those shoes. the heels are so cool. I'm currently a bit jealous of you.



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