Monday, March 28, 2011

Twisted Stripes

I decided to take a different approach to my beloved stripes with this outfit!

This is one of my "cached" outfits, drawn often in the margins of my class notes but never actually worn. It was because I didn't have the right tights! I played with the idea of wearing my grey vertical-striped tights with it, but it seemed like too much of an extra colour. Then I got these tights from H&M! Yesss.

I love that the stripes are similar in width to the bands of the plaid, and also the same width as the tuxedo-shirt-ish ribbons on the t-shirt! 

I've been noticing a severe lack of this red blazer in my outfits, but it's hard to wear under coats. It was finally warm enough (for a day) to wear just a blazer and cardigan as outerwear! I've also figured out that if you leave the house at the last possible second so you have to run-walk to class or work, then you don't get cold from the exertion ;) Awesome!

Run-walk: jerky quick-walking with lots of arm movement and awkwardness, accompanied by huffing and puffing and amusement of leisurely strolling onlookers. Even more effective in heels.

Of course I wore my delicious oxford heels, because I felt very schoolgirl-ish and I don't have flat black oxfords ;) I actually just remembered grey ones that I have! Hmm, good thing the snow is gone so I can wear lots of different shoes that haven't seen daylight in months :D

I had to bobby-pin my hair behind my ears, because it was doing MAJORLY uncooperative things. Usually I just go with bedhead or wear a hat. Well, in this case the hat didn't help. It was doing this gross pear-shaped thing, bleeeeh! It's at the length now where I have to decide whether to cut it again or let it grow. Decisions, decisions!

After I put on these tights, I noticed that I'd twisted one leg around... but then I thought, it looks like a candy cane! Yum! 

Oh yeah. Close-up of t-shirt! So pretty, right? Ignore the wrinkliness, t-shirt ironing is a bit much for me! (I never iron anything, shhh)

I guess I should go take a crack at one of the six essays that I have to write over the next two weeks. Blahhhh I just want to sketch outfits!! Hahaha.

 New reward system for finishing essays: working on the assignments in the back of my favourite of the books I bought! Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm, most awesome and fascinating book ever. Drool.

 Blazer: vintage, thrifted from Hazel's
T-shirt: Gap, hand-me-up from sister
Skirt: thrifted from Frenchy's
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Tights: H&M
Beret: vintage, thrifted from Value Village
Shoes: gift from boss

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Wow , interesting ,mix of those looks good! And I likle the colors too..dark and mysterious and that touch of red is gorgeous! :D

  2. Wow, lady you're hot!! The color combo and you tights are awesome!


  3. I love those tights!
    I am so very jealous that you still have snow on the ground! Or, just the fact that you even have snow! I haven't seen snow in two years, and before that, never!


  4. What can i say? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love love ur red and ur hat!!!


  5. love your looks! I'm following you! Hit me back if you like:)

  6. I love the way you mixed stripes and plaid.

  7. Hi! I like your tights, super jealous.

    To answer your last comment, yes I do go to Blanche Macdonald! :)

  8. those tights are awesome! they look great on you, and i totally dig the mixing you've done in this outfit.
    <3 mode.

  9. love the tights and the retro look!

  10. this pattern combo makes my eyes crazy! But I love it!
    And hey good look with your essays ;)

  11. I LOVE the tights. love the blazer and beret, too<3

  12. you're right, the tights are the perfect finishing touch! they're fantastic! also fantastic: your blazer :) red is always awesome.

  13. I love the mix of plaid and stripes of these tights, pattern mixing ismy fav thing ever.

  14. You look so sharp! Everything is perfectly fitted for you and so flattering! I love the tights with the plaid.

  15. Oh my goodness, those tights! They really do change everything, it's actually kind of amazing :) I might have already planned to make a trip to H&M, but this post has definitely inspired me to go sooner! Also, have I mentionned how much I love that you almost always wear a beret? It makes me smile :)

  16. I love those tights and your blazer too! I agree with Catie- you look so sharp! :)

    star-crossed smile


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