Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bonnie & Clyde

Wearing this outfit made me feel a bit like a super-awesome 1930s gangster lady :D

Lately I've been feeling so inspired! Like the outfit in yesterday's post, this one just came together with very little thought! 

It helped that I acquired the vest, skirt, and beret together. As I was skipping home, giddily peeking into my bag, I realized that the three looked perfect together! All they needed was a striped shirt. Voila! I also wore my camel wool coat, because I liked the wool-on-wool effect with the yummy vest :D

This skirt is so wonderful. It's some kind of jersey fabric, very stretchy and flattering. And I was THRILLED to find it because I had been admiring some extremely similar grey skirts at H&M, but didn't really have the money to pay what they were asking... and then my boss pulled this one out of a bag. My jaw dropped and I put it on, and she gave it to me!! The vest and beret are the same story (minus seeing non-vintage facsimiles at H&M). I love my boss!

Speaking of inspiration, I am currently waiting on some books about fashion drawing and collection-making. The margins of all my notes are filled with design-doodles! I can't wait to start on my inspiration book, using a recycled-paper notebook my sister gave me for my birthday! I'm getting serious about doing a Free the Children collection, with the Waterfowl Park in my town as inspiration. I have some really neat ideas already, which I won't be able to make for a while, but now I know what to ask my teacher to teach me! Haha. Once I get some good sketches spun up I'll share them!

Back to the outfit, I kept the accessories simple with my John Lennon glasses and grey leather gloves, and I wore my granny booties to keep with the vintage theme. The buttons on the vest are brown leather too! I'm actually glad of the recent temperatures here, staying around 2-3C, because I don't have to bundle up completely but can still wear some of my winter pieces, like this vest! The skirt will be okay in warmer Spring time, but still too heavy for much warmer temperatures. I'm starting to put away some of my heavier stuff already though!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Mine was kind of nice, the power went out this morning so my alarm didn't go off (apparently a squirrel caused the power outage...? Poor little guy!), but the class I would have missed was canceled anyway. And the sun actually came out, so I got some really neat shots in a new location! They'll be up eventually, haha!

Striped shirt: Express, thrifted from Value Village
Mustard wool vest: vintage, gift from boss
Grey skirt: vintage, gift from boss
Grey leggings: JC Penney
Green beret: vintage, gift from boss
Brown booties: Spring
Round sunglasses: The Great Canadian Dollar Store
Camel coat: Old Navy, thrifted from Hazel's

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Lucky your class was cancelled so the squirrel outage didn't mess your day up too much :) Love the vest - looking great!

  2. This look is great! I love the diferent textures and colours, the purple velvet skirt together with the green hat, stripes, yellow, all seem to melt so well together!! plus the classy touches gloves and glasses just makes this look perfect! xx

  3. you know what? i think of welma from scooby doo.. but that's not at all a bad thing. you have personality and you have fun with your clothes. :) great! *

  4. oh oh oh! i LOVE this. the colors the stripes the vibe! totally fantastic.

  5. You really remind me of Agent 99 in Get Smart in these photos... She had the best costumes, and never ever shied away from colour. I can just see her in your yellow vest and green beret! Love that skirt, too. In many ways I'm incredibly jealous you work at a thrift store, mainly because you get to see all the gems before anyone else :)

  6. I love this outfit. Especially the skirt. It's my fave.
    Interesdting fact-Bonnie Parker, from Bonnie and Clyde, is my 4th cousin. Totally badass, right?



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