Thursday, March 3, 2011

Z is for Zucchini

Last one! I was pretty impressed with myself when I came up with "zucchini," not gonna lie.

The "zucchini" colours are the deep green velvet blazer and the pale green (once known as quince) silk button-down shirt.

I also wore my beige pants and floral scarf! I love this scarf, it's so floaty and happy.

Also, my little brown granny booties! My sister said I looked like I was going horseback riding in this outfit. I'll take it!

This has been the strangest week. I guess it makes sense, as it's the first week back after reading week, but oh my goodness!! My friend Hilary put her status as "I wish life would send me grapes instead of lemons, I much prefer wine over lemonade." HERE, HERE. My eyes are burning from the lemons I'm getting thrown lately. It seems like it never stops snowing (it has seriously snowed almost every other day this whole winter). I also got a midterm back that I got a lower mark on than I was expecting. It's not bad, but it's not spectacular, and I'm pretty hard on myself when it comes to things like that. I found out that I didn't get the grant to do the summer research project I applied for, which I have mixed feelings about. I'm glad that I don't have to commit to it, but it was gross-supermarket-icing on the nasty-lemon-cake when I found out this morning, because I was already feeling inadequate in both of my classes when I wasn't able to articulate what I wanted to in a class discussion. 

Sorry, the rant is going to continue. If you're reading this, thank you!!, it means a lot to me!
I am a great student. Since I've returned to university, I've achieved a 4.1 GPA. However, public speaking is not my forte, and now that I'm taking all upper-year classes, participation is a major chunk of my mark. My strength is essay-writing. It is decidedly not speaking. Somehow, I can type out all the right words, in the right order, in an A+-garnering way when I'm writing an essay. Ask me to do the same in, say, a presentation? Probably not going to happen. And unfortunately, I have a presentation tomorrow. A big one!! I'm taking a break from working on it at the moment, but this morning after all the other LEMON STUFF happened, I had a breakdown, right in the middle of the Student Centre. AWESOME. Thankfully Billy was with me and he helped calm me down. Also thankfully, I have an amazing and understanding boss, and she let me take a mental health day from work so that I can work on my presentation. I'm so nervous about it though, even just thinking about it makes me so nervous that I can barely focus.

So, I do have a strategy for this one. There's no media in the room, so it's all spoken (great, everyone will be looking at me). My last presentation was a burbling mess, probably because my notes were in point form and I blanked, unable to read them, and strayed from my original speaking plan. This time, I'm basically going to write a freakin' script, and just look at it. I don't care if I lose points for not making eye contact. I hope it will work. ...I hate presentations.

But! On the bright side, at least I'm good at writing essays. And I have a supportive family and boyfriend and boss. And by 5:30 tomorrow, the presentation will be over, good or bad!

Also, I have lovely amethyst earrings that Billy got me for my birthday:

I also know how to poke fun at myself to keep things lighthearted! Here are some choice bloopers:

In the second one I'm saying "yaaay! The Alphabet Colour Challenge is over! And I can DO THIS PRESENTATION!"

After the presentation: Pear Pinot Grigio Arbor Mist. You can have your lemons back, life!

Thanks for reading guys, you really make the bad days better! I promise there won't be another rant like this for a while, I just really needed to let it out! And if you feel like giving me tips for presenting, feel free ;) You're the best!

Hi new follower!

Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo


  1. Sounds like you're having a rough time. Keep your chin up.

    You look great! Fav outfit of the A-Z challenge.

  2. Good luck on your presentation! I had a breakdown today too :-( I hope you're feeling better!!

  3. hey mitzi! thanks so much for your sweet comment and the visit. love a fellow Canadian total.

    so happy to hear you're feeling better about things and i'm sure the presentation will be awesome lades!!! best of lucks. ♥

  4. Zuccini! I was wrecking my brains for a z and couldn't think of any hehe :D

    Glad you're feeling better about your presentation. All the best!

  5. granny boots are my all-time favorite! and the print on your scarf is so pretty :-)

  6. i love your friend's status about grapes and wine! love the blazer...great color!

  7. Awh you're cute! I love your hair (like Alexa Chung!) and this outfit reminds me of the Little Tramp! So good (:

  8. This is so cute. I love your pants. I like that they are not too tight but loose and cuffed. Super cute look. I also love the florals

  9. This outfit is really cute! I was remembering another post you had a while back (last year sometime) where you said about putting together an outfit to make you feel better/more confident because you had something special to do that day. I bet that helps a lot and I hope your presentation outfit was one of those. :)
    Also, I have a few things I do for public speaking to prep and calm down:
    I always bring props if I can find some. They help keep people interested and then you know that all eyes aren't necessarily on you all the time. Pass them around if it's a smaller crowd or lay them out in an easy-to-see place a little away from yourself and point to the appropriate ones throughout your presentation.
    I also take a full minute (you'd be surprised how long that is) when I first get up to present to just breathe deep, wipe off my sweaty hands and go over my notes. Then when I start, I remind myself to speak loudly, clearly and slowly and I feel better and the knot in my tummy eases up. Sometimes I remind myself of this a couple times throughout the presentation.
    I also NEVER make eye contact. Instead, try looking a foot over their heads. To the crowd & your prof it looks like you're making eye contact, and for you it's much less stressful.
    Sorry for the little novel. :)
    I hope your presentation went well and your next one goes better!


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