Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come Josephine, in my Flying Machine

And it's up she goes, up she goes!

As you may remember, sometimes I like to play “dress up” when I get ready in the morning. Today I was an aviator! 

 This light yellow-and-blue striped sweater was one of my birthday purchases, and I knew I wanted to wear it with these pants for a sort of 40s vibe. When I put them on I was stuck for what else to wear, until I decided on the skinny belt, which led to the shoes… which are sky-high! I had it: I’d wear a long cozy scarf, my silver leather jacket, and my aviator shades and look like a pilot ;) I added this leather purse because it looks pilot-y to me!

I always get this song stuck in my head, and it immediately reminds me of Titanic. Love! Cutest scene ever. One night my boyfriend and I stayed up all night walking around the city we lived in, and watched the sun come up from the “bow” of a ship-shaped playground on the waterfront, and we were all corny and reenacted that scene! 

Oh right, the shoes:
Top Model is on tonight! I'm so excited, I hope I can actually catch it on TV instead of having to wait for it to go on YouTube, haha! Do you watch it? Who is/are your favourites? I love little cutie Brittany, and I thought Kasia rocked it last week. I like Alexandria at first, but holy moly, that girl needs to learn to trust other people. On the other hand though, as with all reality shows, I wonder what they edit out in favour of emphasizing her bad character traits... I bet there are hours of unused footage with her and the other girsl getting along swimmingly. Who knows?

I hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday! Only two more sleeps 'til Friday! Haha ;)

Striped sweater: Land's End, thrifted from Value Village
Pants: vintage, thrifted from Frenchy's
Skinny studded belt: thrifted from Hazel's
Lace-up platform heels: Spring
Cable-knit scarf: thrifted from the Salvation Army
Faux-leather jacket: Suzy Shier
Aviator sunglasses: H&M
Leather purse: thrifted from Value Village

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Update: my look got into the Style Gallery on Chictopia!! So exciting! I've only had two looks get in before this, and those were back in October/ November.


  1. great look! i love the clasp on your's those little oomph-worthy details!!

  2. The aviator inspiration is awesome! I love this look. And congratulations on getting into the Chictopia Style Gallery!

    Oh, man, I love ANTM. I got into it a few cycles back, and I've been watching all the old cycles on YouTube. I'm really liking Britanni and Kasia too. That bob that they gave Britanni is adorable. I also think Mikaela has a really cool look.

    I don't have T.V. right now, so I'll be waiting for YouTube! My friend Emily always emails me the YouTube link for the first part of the latest episode after she watches it along with her commentary...hahahaha.

  3. Aw thanks! Also, I LOVE this outfit!

  4. i love these pants!! i am all about some pleats.

  5. Oh my, the moon is on fire! You make for an awesome aviator :)

    My husband just wrote an essay on Titanic - he 's no fan and I wasn't very supportive joking abou icebergs, screaming Dion and hearts going on at every opportunity.

  6. hehe you doo look like a piolet..a chic one! i love the colors of the top and the skinny belt! do you have a twitter? i'd love to follow ya if you did! mines @trashyfoes if you do!

  7. (as usual) I really like the palette! Cheery blue and yellow with more staid brown and grey. Cuuute. Also, thanks for giving me a blog award! I love to hear that a blogger-whose-blog-I- enjoy...enjoys my blog! :) Isn't that a tounge twister, though.

  8. I feel silly even as I type this, but I've never seen a blue and yellow striped shirt before but now that I have, I feel like I need one of my own! It gives such a happy spring vibe to this look that I just love. Congratulations on making the style gallery... I still get a little giddy feeling when it happens for me :D


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