Sunday, March 27, 2011

On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever

Don’t you love days that begin grey but then become warm and sunny? This was one of those days! The sky was cloudy and it looked like it could rain at any moment, but then the sun broke through and the snowbanks kept melting. Yay!

I’ve been really inspired by the pairing of stripes and florals I’ve been seeing lately, in particular Carina of BadTasteToast’s look in I'm Feeling Good! I added this pale purple scarf that I got from the Tenement Museum in New York City, and these little brown booties that are quickly becoming my go-to flat footwear! I wore my turquoise corduroy jacket for some added colour and texture.

Haha, I look like a grumpy doll in that one!

I got some books in the mail on Friday about the basics of fashion design, and they're so exciting! Bad timing kind of, because all I want to do is pore over them. Unfortunately, I have a ton of marking and essay writing to do! Oh well, haha. I guess I can use them as a treat! It sure beats rewarding myself with new shoes!
I'm really excited to start using the books, because they all have neat exercises in them. One is to draw all outfits that you wear as well as ones other people wear that inspire you, to get a feel for how to draw all the different shapes. Eeee so fun!!! It's neat having increased knowledge of the names of different stitches, cuffs, closures, etc. I was reading a magazine today, and instead of just glancing at the ads, I found myself examining each one and looking at the construction of the garments! Ahhh I love it.

Don't the leathers of this little purse and these booties match perfectly?! So exciting. This purse was a love-at-first-sight deal when it came into the shop I manage, but somehow I restrained myself for a long time...until someone almost bought it. They changed their mind at the last second, but it was the push I needed to know that it had to be mine! It reminds me of a saddle bag for some reason :)

The brown belt ties the bag and shoes in too. For a while there I didn't care much about matching shoes and belts (and purses, when I carry them), but it's growing on me!

Isn't the uneven, zig-zaggy texture of the scarf awesome? This is only the second time I've worn it, but it's going to be a great Spring/Summer piece. I didn't post the other outfit because I look super scary-angry in all of the pictures, haha!

Yay for no-jackets weather! It's coming. Just because we had a snowstorm on Friday doesn't mean it won't get warm really soon!I have some great warmer-weather outfits bouncing around in my head, and I can't wait to wear them. I was going to wear one on Friday, but I checked the weather network and it said it was -11C. Boo. And then it started snowing when I left the house! That would have been uncomfortable, haha :P

This is going to be another intensely busy week! It's the second-to-last week of classes, and all the essays I have to do are becoming a reality. I completely wasted today, but I needed to! My brain needed to relax a bit before I plunge into using it hard for the next two weeks ;)

Tomorrow is good ol' Monday. Are you ready? Haha... I hope it's sunny, that should make it easier to get up ;)

Corduroy jacket: 725 Originals, from Wal-Mart (10 years ago)
Striped sweater: Express, thrifted from Frenchy's
Floral skirt: vintage, thrifted from Bargains at the Bridge
Beret: Bizou Accessories, thrifted from Value Village
Sunglasses: Aldo
Scarf: The Tenement Museum in NYC
Purse: thrifted from Hazel's
Belt: thrifted from The Salvation Army
Boots: vintage, thrifted from Hazel's
Tights: old and baggy, thrown in garbage

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. oooh your hair is looking lovely and bouncy today! I also love the pattern mixing. Very fresh and springy. Uh, like your hair!

  2. yay thanks for checking out and following my blog! I love your style. This is such a fabulous mix of prints and I really love the touches of light purple you added with the hat and scarf. Oh and that bag is a fabulous vintage find! Following you too !! =)

  3. Oh gosh, you look amazing in this outfit. I love your floral skirt. It's so perfect for the season! Your hat is so pretty too and of course, your boots are to-die-for! :)

  4. i love this outsit, it's so cute, loving the mix of floral's and stripes. what are the name of the books you bought?


  5. @Pretty Things: The books I bought are called Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques by Naoki Watanbe (it's a gorgeous book!!), The Fashion Designer's Directory of Shape and Style by Simon Travers-Spencer and Zarida Zaman(lots of excellent information, but I'm not a big fan of the technical drawings), and Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm, which is absolutely invaluable. The last is so amazing, I can't put it down! It covers everything you could possibly want to know about the design process, from 8 pages of influential designers of the 20th century to forms of inspiration and how to manipulate them to a group of useful assignments, and so much more!
    I'm having so much fun :P
    M xo

  6. Gorgeous look, I too am a huge fan of florals + stripes, they are made for one another. I'm also loving that beautiful scarf, love, love texture. And, yay, for melting snow. ;-) xx veronika

  7. You look so French! I love mixing patterns! You did a great job! beijossssss

  8. Hurray for unexpected sunshine! As a coastal girl, I know just how uplifting it can be to see the sun suddenly come out :) I adore your skirt- it reminds me of a dress I had when I was about eight and just starting to discover fashion... I would have worn it every day if I could have gotten away with it! And the striped top is a perfect match for it. Just lovely, as always :)

  9. LOVE this outfit so much! The stripped shirt with the floral skirt is just so perfect. And those oxfords...swoon. I adore your styling.

  10. I love those colours and patterns :) You look great! Such a cute skirt and such a perfect pairing for your beret and scarf - the striped top breaks it all up so nicely too

    Ugh - don't go mentioning Monday just yet ;) Have a great start to the week!


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