Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution

Well, you know!

This is what I wore for the presentation I was moaning about in "Z is for Zucchini!" In case you missed my little update, it went fine! Probably because I wore this outfit ;)

I've been meaning to wear this skirt, and I finally did this day! I've been so inspired by Annebeth at The Syling Dutchman's use of the longer-length skirt, I had to work it in! I kept it suitably dowdy (in the awesomest way possible) with a gingham button-down and cardigan, and chunky lace-up booties!

I had to wear my beret, of course, and I stole Billy's round sunglasses. The beret is like a security blanket for me! I love them, and it makes me feel happy when I wear them :) I also nabbed Billy's round sunglasses. Do you ever find that when you're wearing something that belongs to someone you love, you take positive energy from it? I do. There's a professional photo of me that was taken when I was three, and I'm holding something in my hand: it's my mama's ring, that she gave me to hold to coax me into sitting for the photo! I have a big smile on my face, too. It worked!

 Ah, and I can't forget the red lipstick! My other security blanket. I love this shade, it's L'Oreal Paris Couleur Riche in 350: British Red. Mmm so good!

I actually have another presentation tomorrow.It's a group one, which is better and worse, depending on the approach you take! It'll be fine though. And it will be all over by 2:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon!

I'm in love with this pattern-mix. The pattern on the blouse is amll enough that it doesn't compete with the larger plaid on the skirt, and it is black-and-white making it more unobtrusive still! I added some extra texture with the cableknit socks and cardigan too. I've been really noticing texture in outfits lately, so I've been trying to mix it in as much as possible! I have an exciting idea for an outfit with major texture coming up, once the parts I need come out of the laundry ;)

Phew. This week has really been taking it out of me! How can it be so busy and not be the end of term? Goodness gracious. I think all the profs do it so they can watch and laugh as the students all run around like chickens with their heads cut off! How we manage to get it all done, I'll never know. And yet we do! Go team students ;)

Off to finish up this presentation!

Gingham blouse: Denver Hayes, thrifted from Hazel's
Cardigan: Tabi, thrifted from Hazel's
Skirt: vintage, thrifted from Hazel's
Studded belt: thrifted from Hazel's
Socks: Winners
Shoes: Spring
Beret: Bizou Accessories
Sunglasses: Ardene

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Perfect outfit! love the mix of patterns plus your shoes and beret-beautiful! Oh and you still got all that snow there?

  2. well you know, we all wanna change the world :D

    great skirt, great sunnies!

  3. Love the plaid skirt, especially the length. I also love the beret, great outfit.

  4. I love the long plaid skirt, button down and cardigan....Hmmm I may have to try this out!
    You look great, glad to hear the presentation went well

  5. I love the patterns in this look. Super cute and adorable.

  6. wow, I love your outfit!

    LOVE minnja ♥


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