Monday, February 28, 2011

X is for Xylophone

Has anyone else ever tried to come up with a colour for X? Let me tell you. It is NOT easy! So, I decided to draw inspiration from the colours of something that starts with the letter X! Xylophones. Does anyone remember being made to play them in elementary school music class? I kind of liked it, especially "rotating" who played which xylophone.

For the silvery xylophones, I wore my animal-printed grey sweaterdress, to represent the dull unshiny ones. For the pretty new silver ones, I wore my studded platform heels!

I wore this brown-toned zebra scarf to represent the wooden xylophones! I liked them better, they had a less ringy sound. It also has silvery threads in it, to represent the awesomeness that is wooden xylophones!

My sister was getting rid of this motorcycle-jacket sweater (it's made of sweatshirt-material), and I snapped it up! It's right up my alley: puffed sleeves, rocker-chic but still feminine!

I wore the sweater and these black satin pants because I like the way they contrasted with the grays in the sweaterdress and shoes! I rolled the pants up because I am currently obsessed with ankle cleavage, even though it is not at all conducive to the crap constantly-cold-and-snowing weather. Today's forecasted ice pellets would have at least been something different, but they were actually just snow!!

Oh well. At least the snow makes for pretty pictures!

Hope everyone had a good Monday! The back-to-school after Reading week adjustment wasn't as hard as I though, but I have an absolute TON of stuff to do. But I'm done the Alphabet Colour Challenge! I still have two outfits to post, but today I'm wearing letter Z! Hooooray!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Sunday, February 27, 2011

W is for Wine

Three in one day, no way!

Like my new haircut? It was one of my birthday presents! I love the way she worked with the texture to make it something that I'll be able to do in, like, two seconds at home!

So, I went for lots of colours that remind me of wine in this outfit! Most of them are Arbour Mist kinds, haha. Shoutout to my braintwin Amanda! The purple tights are the blackberry Merlot, and the burgundy dress is the mixed berry Pinot Noir! The gold belt is definitely the new white pear Pinot Grigio. We have to get it at our next reunion!! Haha!

I've had this belt since GRADE SIX! Can you believe it? Me neither. That's...eleven years? Holy moly. I had a really terrible middle school experience, so I'm glad that one of the only things from it that I still have is so pretty!

I threw on this pretty silk floral scarf that my sister hand-me-upped the other day. Yay! One of the perks of living at home ;)

I love my little blue suede booties! I can't wait for clement weather, so I can actually wear them places without the salt and ice and icky stuff like that ruining them. Same goes for most of my shoes, the plastic bags that I carry them to school and work in are really cramping my style.

Clearly I wore my navy faux-leather jacket to match the shoes! Haha ;)

I love the dark colours and textures in this outfit! I came up with all kinds of other ideas for this dress when I was wearing it, for more dark, saturated looks. I guess winter can stay 'til I've worn them all!

Somehow, this wrap cardigan makes my leather jackets warm enough for low temperatures! Unfortunately, it doesn't have a butt-warming forcefield. Can't win 'em all! At least the velevet dress is warm, so it wasn't a problem this day ;)

Weather forecast for tomorrow: ice pellets. Mother nature is mocking southeastern-New Brunswickers.

Happy dressing ;)
Mitzi xo

V is for Viridian

The letter V. "Viridian" scarf. Can it be "Y" now? I love the Y outfit, haha!

Can you see the scarf? It's there, I promise. There are some Viridian-ish bits in the skirt pattern, and the tights are a dark-ish green too!

I challenged myself to wear this blouse -- I've had it for months, but have never worn it! I paired it with this printed skirt because the shapes in the print are similar to the flowery bits in the lace!

I also wore my little brown booties and my camel coat. And my gray leather gloves!

Sorry for the brief post! I didn't get a chance to do pictures of this one earlier in the day, so only a few shots turned out. I'm also suffering challenge-burnout, as many of the lovely ladies doing the 30X30 challenge are! I can't wait to be done this one, because even though it allows for creativity and the point of it for me was to keep me being creative in the dark and dour month of February, I don't feel like being this creative anymore! Hence the "coloured" item in this outfit being the scarf. Haha. Almost done though, I'm way behind, so I only have "Z" to go!

Back to school tomorrow. V is for vile.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

U is for Ultraviolet

The last letters of the alphabet are difficult! Time to put on a thinking cap... preferably with plumes! 

Isn't it lovely? My friend Vanessa makes these little hats, I have two of them!

I wore this soft ultraviolet-coloured t-shirt with my black vintage crepe pants. Is it just me, or does this outfit have a major Michael Jackson vibe?! 

I pulled off the white socks/ black shoes look, but... I'm not wearing socks! I'm a winter ghost!

I've taken to pretending it's Spring in my photoshoots, because I am SO sick of winter. Enough with the tons of snow and low temperatures!! Look at me, I'm not even wearing socks! Hah! excuse me while I go stand by the woodstove for a while.

♪ You've been hit by *ooh ahh* you've been struck by, a smoooth criminal ♪ danalanalana na-na, da-na-la-na, nah!
My sister would probably correct my "spelling" of this, haha! Would you? Feel free to "sing" your version of this song (or any song) in the comments! Preferably the instrumental bits ;)

I always feel too cool for school (or in this case, cold) when I wear my silver leather jacket!! Since we were doing an 80s look, I threw on my new dark green snakeskin belt :D I love the colour combination of purple and green!

Even the buckle on the belt is kind of snake-like! Neat-o.

Ohhh boy, not ready for school on Monday. I wish there was a "snooze" button on Study breaks! Except instead of ten more minutes, ten more days!

May everyone who needs to have a very productive Sunday!

Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo

T is for Teal

I wanna be a part of it! Leaving New York City was so sad, I had such an amazing time there :) The only consolation is how close it is: a 2-hour flight, or a 16-hour drive! Not bad. I want to go every year! Haha. Maybe next year for Fashion Week! This is what I wore the last day we were there :)

This vintage vest has velvet pockets and buttons, and the back is velvet too. It’s my “teal,” as that’s the colour in it that first sttracted me. I love all the colours! My friend Maria went to New York earlier this year (or late last year…?) and said the vest reminded her of the costumes in Wicked! …wicked ;)

I wore this scarf tied in a bow as a tie. I wore it in "Q is for Quince" as a regular tie, just looped once so it hung at the right length!

My reading week is almost! I didn't do as much "reading" as I should have :S The only downside of taking nifty trips during short breaks from school is the awesomeness-withdrawal that happens directly after! Back to real life? Ewww.

Tonight (and I know I say ths every Saturday...heh) I want to clean my room!! I need to weed out some of my clothes, there are getting to be too many, even for me! I came up with some ideas for organizing them when I was at work today, so I hope to start working on that as well.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!
Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo

Friday, February 25, 2011

S is for Steel Blue

Quick post, I have to go to work!

These were taken in one of the gardens at the Cloisters, a really neat medieval museum made up mostly of "cloisters" disassembled in Europe and reassembled in Brooklyn! There were also tons of statues and tapestries and stuff ;)

It was colder here than I look! We had checked our coats, so we only stayed outside for about five minutes. It was semi-bearable, not as cold as the day before!

It was so nice that Billy and I were both able to go on the trip!

I wore this steel-blue top with ruched sleeves, and my black leather skirt again. I was going to wear a different skirt, one with black burnout velvet, but it rode up too high to be appropriate as soon as a started walking! Hopefully a slip will correct that :S

We went shopping in the afternoon at Zara and H&M! I bought a denim snap-button shirt from Zara and a pair of orange-and-blue floral shorts from H&M. The selection was amazing, I wish we'd had time to shop more! Haha.

Happy Friday everyone!

And happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo
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