Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Gold

The yellow tones in this outfit make me really happy!

I created this look around another piece I hadn't worn yet -- this pale gray sweater with brown-and-gold Fair Isle-ish pattern! Another "from Japan" item. Since it's a funny length, I decided to wear it over my high-waisted faux-leather tuxedo stripe leggings, so there were no weird bunchy lines that jeans make. Grrr, jeans.

I wore my black riding boots to continue the "slim" lower-half I was going for :) I also wore my gold pashmina, cream cardigan, and camel softest-ever pompom hat! It's another Japanese treasure!

My camel coat and awesome mittens that my Aunt Val sent for Christmas finished off the look!

I look so grumpy in these pictures! Hahaha. How could I be grumpy in such a sunny outfit?! Pretty sure it was just the sun in my eyes...:)

Oh boy. Schoolwork time, as usual... I have an essay due on Friday! Yuck. Also many proposals and things. But! Tomorrow it's supposed to storm again (15-25 cm of snow), so maybe I'll have some extra time to work on stuff...? Haha, doubt it, my university never closes. Oh well ;)

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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