Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roses are Blue


I got this turquoise sweater at the shop I manage a while ago, and almost brought it back because I couldn't figure out how to wear it! Then I was going through my clothes and came across this skirt, which I haven't worn in an inexcusably long time. I tried them on together, and voila! The full skirt balanced the high neckline of the sweater. Yesss.

I also wore the scarf my sister made me a couple of years ago and my silver faux-leather jacket. I love the wintery colour palette these colours make together!

I chose navy herringbone tights, because I felt that black would be too harsh with the rest of the colours, and there was already too much grey. Brown granny booties finished it off!

Haha quite the face in that picture!

 I love the 3-D roses on the sweater! This is such a great vintage piece :D

These little boots are so great. I thought about getting them in black as well, but the black is "duller" than the brown version, in that bordering-on-bad way that faux black leather can be. So I ordered 2 other pairs of black booties. Heh. One pair has heels and the pair other is flat! Both lace up, and the heeled ones have a low ankle and the flat ones have a similar shape to these, with a pointier toe. I'm soooo excited for them to arrive!!

I had an excellent problem with this post... almost all of the pictures we took turned out really well! Overcast days are the best for photoshoots. Out of the 30 or so pictures taken, 20 turned out! :D:D:D

Balance! Talent. ;)


I love this scarf! It's tightly crocheted, so it's "stiff" enough that it stands up like a turtleneck. I love the effect, and it's so warm! For this outfit, it was ideal because the oatmeal colour has flecks of bluish-gray and brown throughout. Lovely!


This has been an awesome Saturday so far! I got off work early and went for lunch with Billy, and then we went sledding! Now I'm vegging out. Sledding is hard work!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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