Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturated Pastels

It was a cold day when I wore this, so I went for lots of wintry texture!

 I wore my muted-turquoise waffle top, puce pleated knit skirt (SO warm!) and my thick argyle-patterned tights. I also wore my new lace-up flats for the first time. I love hw they're the same tone as the tights!

I added my silver belt, just for fun!

I also wore my navy faux-leather jacket and my looooong striped scarf! I've had it since grade 8 or 9. I braided the fringe (with a little help from my friends) one lunch hour in grade 9! Haha, memories...

Sorry I don't have much to say today! I'm trying to fend off the impending swamp of schoolwork that's coming on fast... ahhh! Hahaha.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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