Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just finished a game of Monopoly with my sister, her boyfriend, and Billy! It was Beatles themed. Billy and I lost, and I think the other two are still playing!

Isn't it wild how many versions of Monopoly there are now?! Billy got Nintendo Monopoly for Christmas. I wonder why there isn't a Spice Girls version... maybe I'll make one! It would be a more productive procrastination tool than facebook :P

Or Paris Monopoly! Mmm. Or Little Mermaid Monopoly. Monopolies of all the things I like!

Right! On to the outfit. This one is based on the eggplant maxi skirt -- majorly underworn. Apparently it is one of the key shapes for Prefall 2011...yes!

I love using three colours in outfits. I think it may be because crayons for little kids at restaurants used to come in packages of three, and no matter the combination, they looked beautiful! So for this outfit, I kept them dark: eggplant, navy, and dark yellow.

I love this striped off-one-shoulder shirt. Lately I've found myself wanting to pair it with everything!! But I restrain myself, haha.

I needed a close-fitting jacket that was semi-high-waisted, and my plaid fleece chubby is becoming overworn :P So I wore my navy leather jacket! I like the sleek and sort of shiny look it added.

Black slouchy hat and boots and black belt finished off the look!

This gold pashmina is one of my favourite scarves. Who would have thought yellow would go with everything! I used to shy away from yellows because I'm blonde (as well as gold jewelry) but now I can't get enough of either. It is hard to find the right yellows for me though. Pale yellows (and most other pale colours) completely wash me out. Sigh.


Tonight, my goal is to bang out the final draft of my thesis proposal! I am beginning to understand the importance of proposals... but I still don't like them! Haha. Ah well.

Wish me luck!

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. I love this look. THat top looks really good with the long skirt, which I adore. Great color on that scarf as well. WEll put together!


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