Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Talk About the Weather, Yeah

For the past week or so the average temperature here in Southeastern New Brunswick has been about -20C, more or less! Today the high was -23C, and the low was -37C. It's soooo cold, and I've had to be pretty creative with my outfit choices! It takes me about five minutes to unwrap all my layers when I get to school or work, haha!

I think when I wore this it was only around -10C, so I was able to bear taking photos outside! The "base layer" of the outfit consisted of this black raglan-sleeve v-neck sweater, vintage purple wool skirt, sheer black stockings, and khaki green over-the-knee socks. Over-the-knee socks have been a lifesaver (and a leg-saver) this winter! They're so warm, and they enable my skirt-wearing addiction :D

Layer #2: very warm (and very itchy) gray sweater! This is another "from Japan" piece, and I love the female-body-friendly grandpa cut! Its itchiness is bearable when the layer underneath it covers all skin. I was comfy and warm all day! My camel duffel coat and soft black scarf and mitts completed the weather-barrier ;)

I Hope everyone is staying warm :) It may sunds like I'm complaining, but I'm definitely not -- winter is my favourite season! I love being able to wear every stitch of clothing that I own, even if I do have to wear it all at once, haha!

A piece I don't know what Id' do without in the winter: sunglasses! I find winter (during daylight hours) to be almost brighter than summer sun, because of the glare from the snow! Owww. I feel so bad for the eyes of people who forget to wear their sunnies!

Schoolwork time. Bzzt.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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