Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Little Match Girl

Do you remember the story about the little orphan who sold matches? It's so sad! Real fairy tales are really disturbing. Sheesh. Anyway, this outfit reminded me of an "industrial orphan," with a modern twist!

The tattered-on-purpose skirt is what made the outfit! I found it at Value Village a while ago. I was originally drawn to the subtle striped print, and when I pulled it off the rack... the uneven, frayed hem sold me! It's perfect for pirate outfits too :D

I managed to work some subtle pattern-mixing into this one, with the stripes on the vest and skirt! 

I also had some major texture going on, the dominant one being cable-knit! I looove cable-knit. The maroon beret has tiny little cable-knit rows, the chunky camel scarf has huuuge cable-knit, the truquoise gloves have cable-knit... and the thick leggings have cable knit! Yaaaay so cozy and... cable-knitty.

I squealed when I thought to wear my cameo with this outfit -- it adds depth to my little orphan scenario! It's like the last family heirloom the orphan has... wow, I read too many intense stories when I was a kid :P

EAR MUFFS! I can't remember if I've posted these before... they're so warm! This was the first time I'd thought to wear them under a beret. 

The reason these were taken inside is because it is TOO COLD outside to take pictures! The day I wore this it was -35C with windchill. Nasty.

Hahaha, this is what my dad does when he imitates models! And this is what I do, hahaha:

So! For the month of February I'm going to do an "Alphabet Challenge," where for 26 days I'll create outfits corresponding to each letter, based on a specific theme. I'm thinking colours (February 1, "A", wear the colour Aubergine... or Azure... or Apricot...), but if you have any other suggestions, I'm open! I also played with the idea of fruits and veggies. Hey, two of the colours I listed would work for that too! Haha. What do you think? Care to join me?

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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  1. I am in awe! How do you maintain this level of creativity? Can hardly wait to see what you do with the "alphabet challenge"!


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