Monday, January 3, 2011

Ever Red-dy

I recently found a third perfect shade of red lipstick (Ever Red-dy by Maybelline New York) so I decided to create an outfit around it!

This American Apparel tube skirt, which I bought at the shop I manage, is the exact same shade as the lipstick!

I decided to wear my cream v-neck t-shirt tucked into the skirt. It's a tad baggy, and it created the exact effect I wanted!

It wasn't a very cold day, so I wore my hooded faux-leather jacket. I decided to wear my black cowboy boots because they have the same dull shine as the jacket!

Cowboy boots tend to take an outfit in their own direction, so I went with it and added my western belt. I bought it in the summer, but this was the first time I incorporated it into an outfit! I love the metalwork on it:

I wanted another colour in the outfit, so I chose teal -- just muted enough that it didn;t compete with the red.

I wore my black cardigan as an unobtrusive thin extra layer :)

My grey fringed purse was the perfect subtle addition. It agreed with the cowboy boots and belt without being over-the-top, as a purse with allover fringe would have been.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. Now my town is a winter wonderland! We woke up this morning to white: each branch of every tree had about three inches of snow on it, no exaggeration! So beautiful. I'm nearly caught up on pictures, so I'll have them up soon!


Tomorrow is the first day of winter semester. Yay!!!

Hahaha. That picture looks like I'm throwing my arms up and dancing!! I thought so anyway :P It's a blooper.

On that note,
Happy dressing!
 Mitzi xo

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