Thursday, December 16, 2010

Perfect Playsuit!

I wore this to visit one of my very best friend's baby yesterday!

I've had this sleeveless romper since the summer, but I don't wear it very much. What better occasion than a "playdate" of sorts!

I wore my plaid wool jacket over for INTENSE PATTERN MIXING! My socks are argyle patterned, I chose them because the argyle was the same size as the checks on the romper!

 Mmm, I'm drooling just looking at my new suede high-heeled oxford shoes! They were a Christmas gift from my boss, and I'm IN LOVE with them. It's hard for most people to buy me fashion-related gifts because, while it may seem like I have something of everything under the sun, I'm very particular about what I wear. The only other person who's been as bang-on as my boss is my Aunt Laurie!

 I wore a black long-sleeves t-shirt to make the romper really stand out, as well as my black skinny patent belt to nip in the waist.

 I almost left the house with just the romper and the black tee and the belt... then I stopped and realized I wasn't wearing any colour! Silly me :) So I added my teal skinny scarf (actually a gift from the aforementioned Aunt Laurie to my sister... heh heh, mine now), looped once and tied like a necktie. I also wore my maroon beret!

The legs of the romper are a completely awkward length -- it may be a petite size, but it doesn't say so on the label. Je ne sais pas. So I rolled them up!

I like the kind of "knickers" effect the rolled-up legs have! Especially with the oxfords :D:D I'm like one of the boys on bikes in movies set around 1900, hahaha. 

 Billy is very unsure of the romper, but I like it :) I have a denim one too, it's a bit Rosie the Riveter though! Maybe I'll wear it one of these days :P

Oh my, only nine days til Christmas! Are you almost finished with presents? I still have one to buy and several to make. Cutting it close this time!

 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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