Monday, December 6, 2010

In a One-Horse Open Sleigh

This is an equestrian-inspired outfit! I felt very "English Countryside" in this one, haha.

This is an outfit made up of "difficult" pieces! It's actually based around the vest, which I bought at Value Village a while ago, while I was still living in Halifax... probably more than two years ago! I stopped wearing it because it got too tight for a while. When I was cleaning my room last week I came across it, and tried it on on a whim... and it fit! I had to make an outfit with it :D

I layered this pale blue polka-dotted top underneath. It rides up like crazy, so it has to be used for layering, and I knew its neckline would be the perfect shape to complement the slightly rounded neckline of the vest and the deep-vneck of the dress! And the ruching at the front matches the ruching on the dress neckline as well :)

 This green dress (a Frenchy's find) is also surprisingly difficult to wear. It's empire-waisted and made of jersey, creating all kinds of room for unflatteringness. When I tried on the vest, I knew they would look great together because it would create a normal waistline for the dress! Yay!

I had to wear my camel duffel coat with this outfit. I love all the earthy colours! I also wore this paisley pashmina that I got as a gift a couple of years ago. It's a "real" pashmina, made of 45% silk and 55% pashmina... so nice! It's really soft and really warm, but not as versatile as one would think, making it perfect for my "challenging" outfit!

I can't believe I've never thought to do pictures by the wood shed... I love the colours and textures! So cozy :)

The final touches for the outfit were my brown patterned stockings and my black "riding" boots!


That's all for now! Yaaay all caught up. Three posts in one day, phew! Hope you don't get sick of me ;)

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo


  1. Love it - the dress is such a gorgeous colour and I love the waistcoat with it. Brilliant :)

  2. This dress is so amazing. The color is supurb abd I love the vest with it. Really great job putting this together!

  3. beautiful colour of the dress and I love how`ve styled the whole thing! All your outfits are stylish with a vintage vibe, very very well-done!


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