Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pretty Provencal

This outfit was based around my Provencal-printed button-down shirt!

 It actually ended up being hard to put together... one of those "in your head" outfits that don't work in translation. I was going to wear it with a red American Apparel tube skirt, but it was so tight that the buttons and hem of the shirt totally showed through in a gross and bumpy way.

 The brown cardigan was part of the original plan, so I'm glad that worked out! It's kid of necessary, because the blouse happens to be one of those favourites that you can't bear to part with... even though it's a size XS and gapes from here to tomorrow at every button hole. Heh. But you can't tell with the cardigan over it!

The lovely necklace was actually the last addition, and I chose it to emphasize the jacket that I wore over it all. It was a surprisingly warm day... weather in Eastern Canada is very confused.

Since the red tube skirt didn't work out, I had to find a similar alternative -- this leather skirt did the trick! And I love how it is the same "sheen" as the quilted ballet flats I wore on my feet :D

My cuddly faux-fur purse was an impulsive on-the-way-out-the-door addition...I love it! It and the slouchy toque add some softness to the outfit :D

 My skinny red snakeskin belt pulled it all in :) It's probably my favourite waist-cinching belt, and also one I've had the longest! I bought it in high school before there was even a hint of waist-cinching being in style. I just liked it. At that point, it didn't even fit around my waist, let alone my hips... so glad I bought it anyway!

I love this outfit so much! I feel like it has a very European vibe. I was going to say French, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe Belgian! Two of my favourite Chictopians, angiekje and Annebeth , are from there and I'm very inspired by them! I'd love to visit there, I went when I was three or four but of course I don't remember :( Someday!

 So school is all finished for this semester... sort of. I still have one more essay due on Friday, and the reason I'm being so verbose in this post is because... I have yet to start it. Or even figure out a solid thesis statement. AWESOME! 

I have lots of books for it though, so I guess I'm off to a good start! Haha. I'm going to go through them and figure out a topic after this post ;)

Nuts, post is done! Haha time to get to work!

 Happy dressing! Love you all!
Mitzi xo



  1. another gorgeous outfit. I love the dark colors/shades.

  2. I love this,leather skirt is a stament itself and whole outfit is complete and definitely chic!


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