Monday, December 6, 2010

And Don't Forget Rudolph!

Mmmm Christmas sweater! I'd call it an "ugly Christmas sweater, but it's anything but!

This will be another quick post!

 I've been planning this outfit for a while actually! I love the high-waisted leggings with the sweater, and how the red floral pattern on the top picks up the red in the sweater :D

 The sweater is too big to fit comfortably under most of my coats, so the cape was an obvious choice!

 I also felt the leggings needed "something" at the waist, so I threw on my green belt at the last minute.

My cameo was so perfect for this outfit! The off-white of the pearls and face matched the sweater and top, and the black picked up the top, boots, and leggings!

My winter boots went with the "outdoorsy" feel of the outfit!

All right, I'm off! Hope everyone is having a nice Monday :D

 Happy dressing!

Mitzi xo

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