Monday, December 6, 2010

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Wow, I'm so behind on here! Oopsie :D But now I only have one essay left, and it's not due 'til Friday! Yesss.

I wore this over a week ago. Oh my :)

This red vintage dress reminds me of The Jetsons! The turtleneck and the jumper-like piping are what remind me of it the most, haha.

This was a morning throw-together look that I thin turned out really well! I added the blue stripy socks onder the little black boots to pick up on the black stripes on the dress.

To keep the red as the focal point of the outfit, I opted for black almost everywhere else. The beret and huge sunglasses add some fun, I think! I got a comment on chictopia from Lremesi that I looked "spy-ish!" Love it.

 The camel coat and black pashmina kept my outerwear simple but accordingly dramatic for this awesome dress!

I wore this skinny black patent belt because the dress is a pretty weird shape otherwise! I tried a thicker belt, but it looked awful too. It's so imprtant to play around with "difficult" clothing, because eventually you will get it right!

I LOVE this picture, I put it as my profile picture on Chictopia! Haha. I chose these leaf earrings because the delicate black lines reminded me of the lines on the dress.

Sorry about the lack of writing in this one, I'm exhausted from writing so many essays and I want to quickly get updated on posts! I have two more after this before I'm caught up to Chictopia, haha.

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

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