Monday, December 13, 2010

In the Bleak Midwinter

I suppose it's not midwinter at all, but the weather today made this song stick into my head!

I've been waiting for the right occasion to wear this amazing beige velvet dress, and today was it! I like dressing up on days when I get my haircut. I just got a trim today, I'm pretty happy with the length it is now!

It was very windy today, making for AWESOME pictures! I felt so romantic in this dress because it has so much movement, thanks to its weight and the slit in the front!

I chose my navy leather jacket and red-and-black woven bag to add some colour!

I really love the length of this dress -- it's so unusual. I would date this one to the early 1990s, which is almost vintage...? I'm not sure what the criteria is, I think it's 20 or 25. In any case, this dress is wonderful!!

I also wore my mauve leggings under my black over-the-knee socks, with my little black suede booties! I like the effect, especially where the dress has such a demure neckline. I think this dress is very sexy even though it covers a lot!

I wore my black slouchy hat as well, to add a bit more of a 90s grunge feel! My cream wrap cardigan added a bit more cozy "slouch."

I really like this photo and the next, because Billy and I were having a hard time getting good pictures due to the nasty weather. Then all of a sudden he started exclaiming that "the spirit of the forest has joined us!!" and all of the photos after that were good!


I usually don't wear them together, but the scarf I'm wearing in these pictures matches the hat! I bought them together, but I generally like to match colours and not actual items of clothing.

This one is awfully close to being risque, but I like it anyway! I zoomed in very carefully to make sure it was PG, haha ;) 

The back neckline of the dress is actually my favourite part of it! I can't wait to style this dress in other ways :D:D

I'm off to start wrapping Christmas presents!
Happy dressing :)
Mitzi xo

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  1. Love the navy jacket.

    The velvet dress looks especially lovely in this setting :) You're part of the woods - a midwinter nymph


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