Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bagtown Princess

This is an outfit I've been working on for awhile. I really wanted to make a "winter" outfit with this pink summer skirt!

Since the skirt is such a light colour, I wanted to create contrast by keeping the rest of the colours dark. My sister "hand-me-upped" this navy t-shirt with ribbon tuxedo detailing. Perfect!

 I paired it with my forest green cardigan because they not only have have similar hues, but they also have similar buttons :D The navy belt carried on the navy from the beret and t-shirt.

To keep warm in my breezy skirt, I wore my faux-fur coat. It's so warm! I actually bought it when I was in middle school (from the Salvation Army) for a Cruela DeVil costume! I wore my navy and forest green plaid shawl as a scarf.

 I chose my vertical-striped grey stockings because they continue the "flow" of the outfit -- the ribbons on the t-shirt, the thin crocheted panels in the skirt, and the texture of the coat!

 I felt like a movie-style displaced orphan princess in this outfit, hahaha. Bad description, but maybe you know what I mean? 

This coat is so luxurious! It was -10C the day I wore this outfit, and I was toasty warm. My grey leather gloves helped too!

I'm glad these photos turned out well -- they were taken in the middle of the afternoon and they could have been much too overexposed, but I like the effect!

I was being silly on the monkeybars and got some funny bloopers:

Hahaha blooper shots are my favourite!

My friend Matty is visiting, so I suppose I should go be social! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did wearing, posing, and posting about this outfit!
 Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

p.s. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, do you think I should just get a trim and grow it out, or cut it back into a shaggy bob, or get a more angular sort of bob?


  1. LOVE the poofiness of that pink skirt!! such a chic faux fur coat!! love black in combination with soft pink :) and now I see, you look a little bit like someone I actually know :) cool :p

  2. I like the skirt too. :) and I totally know what you mean by the orphan princess description. haha!
    I think for your haircut you should do a trim or maybe long-ish shaggy bob. Your face is angular enough by itself that if you do an angular bob, I think it would take away from your face instead of framing it and showing off your beauty.

  3. That coat (and this outfit, really) is SO GREY GARDENS. I am pea green with envy. Great job!


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