Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Where have I been?! Since I started blogging, I don`t think I`ve ever taken such a long break! My apologies, I really hope to be able to work blogging back into my routine. That`s why I was gone for so long, I had to figure out a lot of things, time management included! I still have lots and lots of pictures to post, some over a month old! Whoops, haha ;)

Behind me in these photos is the swan pond at my university. Billy and I went there for a picnic yesterday evening! The temperatures here have been so lovely, it`s almost like we skipped spring for the most part and went striaght into summer! The trees at the swan pond have all of their leaves now, and it`s absolutely gorgeous!

I really liked this outfit, and it looked even better in person! The white button-down I`m wearing is as soft as a cloud and quite sheer. I was trying out the 'peekaboo bra' look, and you could definitely tell. These pictures were taken at a bright time of day though! Oh well :) I'm loving this style of shorts too, I find tight ones sooo uncomfortable in warmer temperatures! The colour of these ones reminded me of a Florida retiree! I decided to have fun with it and added my snakeskin belt. Since I was already headed down the silly route with the oldie shorts and snakeskin, I thought, why not add my reverse polka-dot tights! 

I love that the buttons are kind of an off-white cream colour, really similar to the belt! I'm so tickled when outfit components come together like that :D

Of course, I wore my beret as well! And my silver leather jacket, which unfortunately may "quit" on me soon... it's fake leather, and it's starting to crumble in places. I've had it for four or five years, so I guess it's had a good life!

I hope everyone has been well in my absence! I promise it won't go this long again. I'm aiming for regular daily posts from here on. I'm in a funny spot with my job situation, but that leaves me even more time for regular blogging! I've also made progress with my aprons. I finished my first one :D I'll have it up on Etsy really soon, along with some other vintage beauties that I've picked up recently. AND I finished my skirt! I'll take pictures soon and have them up on here as soon as I do!

Blouse: J. Crew, from Hazel's
Belt: Perry Ellis, from Salvation Army
Shorts: vintage, from Hazel's
Tights: Winners
Jacket: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Spring
Beret: Bizou Accessories
Sunglasses: H&M

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo

Monday, May 2, 2011


What an exciting past few days. The Royal Wedding on Friday, the death of Osama bin Laden, and now it's election day in Canada! I'm not usually much one to express political opinions, but... the Canadian government needs a change, and I really hope that tonight, it will happen!

I'm absolutely infatuated with the colour orange lately, not not just because of my political leanings! This lovely orange-flower-printed polo is going to be a staple in my Spring/Summer wardrobe, I have a feeling. I also recently picked up a pair of orange cropped pants from Zara, andI can't wait to wear them!!

And don't you love the crocheted bits on the cuffs and hem of this white cardigan? It's a nice light knit too, another perfect summer piece!

I wore my blue suede booties with this outfit (again!), along with my grey open-weave tights. The elastic is gone in them, so I have to wear them with shorts! Surprise, this skirt is actually a skort :D And also, I am terrible at ironing.

Also, I'ma bit ashamed to admit that this was the first time I've ever voted! There has been at least one federal election since I've been of age to vote. Now, though, it's more important than ever! I was thrilled to see that most of the people in line at the polling stations were young. Hopefully enough young people turn out to really rock the vote and get the conservatives and the "Harper Government" out of there. 

My father, mother, sister, and I all went together to vote -- the people at the stations who knew us were joking that we were going to all break out in song afterwards! Haha, my dad was joking that we were the "von -app" family singers. We even got a bit of applause after we voted! Good times ;)

I'm looking forward to watching the election results on TV tonight, it takes on a whole new meaning having contributed in some small way to the results!

Purple velvet blazer: vintage, from Hazel's
White cardigan: from Hazel's
Orange printed polo: vintage, from Hazel's
Navy belt: vintage, from Hazel's
Grey skort: joe fresh, from Value Village
Grey open-weave tights: Secret
Navy suede booties: Spring
Happy dressing! And if you're Canadian, happy voting!
M xo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Colour Blocking!

This is my first foray into colour blocking, and I was THRILLED with the results! This was one of those outfits where all the pieces are near each other (the shirt and skirt were hanging next to each other, and the tights were on the dresser under them), just begging to be worn together!

I usually strive to wear a different outfit every day, but this is one I could see repeating! I love this blouse, and have a feeling it's going to be a go-to piece this summer. And the red skirt is always a hit, it makes me feel great to wear it! And purple tights? Just too much fun :) I wore my silver leather jacket with the outfit because it's fun too! Haha. I also felt that I didn't want to add a fifth colour, sometimes there is such a thing as "too much!" Or, as Tim Gunn would say: "...that's a whole lot of look!"

I considered wearing neutral shoes as well, but... it's pretty hard to go wrong with blue suede booties!

I had a girls' night with some of my friends last night -- it was so much fun! I'm feeling it today though :P I should know not to mix vodka and Southern Comfort... this is the thrid time I've done it, with the same headache-y results! Haha, oh well. I'm also aching because I've started a new exercise regimen. After I did it on Friday I felt fine, and kind of wondered if I'd done enough: I did situps, squats, and lunges, and then worked with my pilates band, and then I went for a quick jog around the block. Oh boy, did I ever feel it when I got up on Saturday! And then I worked at my appliance store and had to move around stoves and garage door openers, hahaha. It's good though, such an exhilarating type of pain!

I also got to talk to Billy today, I called the hotel he is staying at. Unfortunately he was sleeping, so he was groggy when we were talking! It was nice anyway though, it's so great to talk to each other. He gets back in 12 days! This trip has been really good for us, I think, because it's making me realize how much I really do love him and miss him, but also that I can be independent and am fine on my own. I've found in the past ho problematic it can be to be defined by your relationship, and am glad to find that that's not the case for Billy and I! That's not to say I won't be ecstatic for him to get back! Eeeee!!!

Blouse: vintage Saks Fifth Avenue, from Hazel's
Skirt: American Apparel, from Hazel's
Tights: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Spring
Jacket: Suzy Shier

Happy dressing!
Mitzi xo
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